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Questions We Are Asked on a Regular Basis in Mckinney, TX

There is one sure-fire way to refresh the interior and exterior of your home without having to resort to drastic measures and that is with a fresh, clean, crisp coat of paint. However, the crunch of this is, who today has the time, energy, tools, and skill to do this? Exactly, however, don’t fret, our painting contractor is on hand to save the day. Below, we have included all of the services that we provide and a short but informative description of why Miranda Painting and Remodeler is the company to us within this questions and answers article.

Tell me about your services

We took on our first customer in 2014, and for almost 10 years we have been providing the residents of Mckinney, TX with precision workmanship at budget-friendly prices. Our paints, professional-grade brushes, rollers, and spray guns are all the best that money can buy, and we never skimp on details no matter how inconsequential that may seem. We are regularly updated on any new trends, and we still provide more of the tried-and-tested methods, so we have something to offer everybody. Our motto is simple, honesty, integrity, and reliability are all values we believe in, and are what our customers have come to expect from us.

Apart from cash, what other payment method can I use?

We will take a check if you prefer.

Do you offer anything else but painting?

We do, please read the following:

  • Interior Painting;
  • Exterior Painting;
  • Cabinet Painting;
  • Drywall Installation;
  • Drywall Taping;
  • Texturing;
  • Kitchen Remodeling;
  • Bathroom Remodeling;

Information is available to anyone on request.

Can you provide proof that you have done any of the above services?

We can, when you are done reading this post, open our gallery page.

Is the company insured or certified?

We are, indeed. Details are available on request.

Do you only work within the confines of the Mckinney, TX area?

No, our painting contractor also travels to the following areas:

  • Anna, TX;
  • Fairview Town, TX;
  • Celina, TX;
  • Princeton, TX;
  • Melissa, TX.

The working times of Miranda Painting and Remodeler are what?

Our team is available from the following times:

Monday – Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM Sunday: Closed

Are residential clients the only ones your company deals with?

No, we work with commercial and industrial clients. Basically, anyone who wants to hire our painting service.

Free estimates, are they also provided by your services?

They are, indeed. But, for us to provide you with one, we recommend that you make an appointment with us to discuss further what you want us to do, plus, we need to perform an inspection of where we will be working and what must be done before you can provide you with an accurate estimate.

What about a discount?

We provide various discounts to our senior and military clients, how much will depend on the service they hire.

You will be happy to hear that you are at the end of our questions and answers post, hopefully, you are more confident in what you have learned to pick up the phone and call this number (469) 361-8311 to make an appointment with our professional painting service.